BRC 5277- The Cutter

BRC 5277- The Cutter



Production Capacity - Up to 350 sq. ft. /hr


Ford 4-cylinder 2.3L
BRC 5277- The Cutter
BlastPro's BRC-5277: The Cutter is the perfect solution for removing traffic coatings, elastomeric membranes, asphaltic membranes, coal tar, mastics, and other waterproofing materials from concrete surfaces and is used in conjunction with shotblasting equipment to prepare concrete surfaces for recoating operations. The Cutter is the most efficient method to mechanically remove traffic coatings and other flexible materials from concrete surfaces and can be safely used over occupied spaces. The Cutter is unlike milling or scarification equipment and eliminates the clean-up issues associated with ultra high pressure water equipment. The Cutter is the perfect choice for large jobs including parking decks, bridge decks, plaza decks and other concrete surfaces which require the removal of flexible coatings or waterproofing materials. The BRC-5277 is highly maneuverable and features a dual fuel engine, zero turn radius, joy stick steering, non-marking tires, two rotating heads, and a 52” cutting width.
Cutting Width: 52"
Motor: Ford 4-cylinder 2.3L
Dual Fuel: Gasoline or Propane

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Cutting Width - 52”
Motor - Ford 4-cylinder 2.3L
Dual Fuel - Gasoline or Propane
Lights - Headlights
Tooling - Carbide Tipped Bits
Production Capacity - Up to 350 sq. ft. /hr.

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