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BP 15 Super - Self-Propelled Blast Cleaning System


The BP-15 Super is designed for medium to large jobs including: industrial plants,warehouse floors, parking garages, bridge decks, ship decks, storage tanks and other horizontal applications. The BP-15 Super is an electric self-propelled walk-behind machine. It is equipped with a 15” blast pattern, high quality electrical components, ans an advanced air wash separation system. The BP-15 Super operates on 208/230/460 volt three phase power. The BP-15 travels up to 100 ft. per minute and has a production capacity of up to 1,950 sq. ft. per hour.


Production Capacity -> 1,950 sq. ft. /hr.
Blast Pattern -> 15”
Travel Speed -> 0-100 ft. /min.
Blast Motor -> 20 h.p.
Voltage -> 208/230/460 3phase
Amperage -> 50 amps @ 230v & 24 amps @ 480v
Minimum Generator -> 60 kw
Dimensions -> 72”x23”x41”
Weight -> 847 lbs.
Power Cord Length -> 55 ft.
Seals -> Magnetic / wrap around seal
Distance to edge -> 2.5”
Dust Collector -> BP-9-54

BP 15 Super

BP 15 Super

BlastPro Advantages

• All wear parts and equipment are manufactured in the USA. There is typically no lead time when ordering parts.
• The electrical box and components are engineered and constructed by a UL508A Panel Facility.
• The electrical enclosures are built to NEMA 4 specifications.
• The positive sealing shot valve prevents shot from leaking even when using very small shot.
• The interlocking liners protect the blast housing and reduce wear.
• The sliding cleanout drawer is designed to quickly and easily remove debris from the shot hopper.
• The improved separation system keeps shot cleaner and increase the life of wear parts.
• The high speed bearing unit contains replaceable bearings which reduces operating costs and down time.
• The type W 4/4 electrical cord is the toughest and most wear resistant cord available.

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